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Выпуск 24 добавлен 19.06.11 21:17

Welcome to Psyholirik's Podcast # 24…
Dear subscribers you are the only who get chance to download beautiful & marvelous intelligent / liquid funk / soulful drum&bass…
II parts are right here.
Please enjoy and do not forget to feedback> :)
Yours Egor.

Intelligent drum and bass (also known as IDB, atmospheric drum and bass, ambient jungle and artcore), is the widespread term for the subgenre of drum and bass emphasising influences from lounge, jazz, and ambient music. The music typically has a very atmospheric or ambient quality, with washes of synthesised pads, and deep sub-bass. The Rhodes piano is heavily featured, along with samples of other jazz fusion instruments like guitar, flute, and vocals.

Tracklist :
Part I :

1. Peyo & Cloud Nine - That's What You Do To Me (Random Movement Remix)
2. Atlantic Connection - Situations (Zero Tolerance Remix)
3. Calibre - Let Me Hold You
4. Calibre - Mr. Right On
5. Random Movement - Her Song
6. BCee - Cultural Shift
7. Random Movement - Till' Doomsday
8. Calibre - TV On
9. Random Movement - Lesson & Aftermath
10. Calibre - Peace of Mind Feat. Lariman
11. Random Movement - A Good Start Is Saying No
12. Well Being - Daring Heart
13. Coalition - True
14. Random Movement - Believe No Other
15. Electrosoul System - On The Run
16. Calibre - Don't Want Your Love
17. Random Movement - The Things You Do
18. Calibre & Zero Tolerance - One Word
19. Furney & Tayla - You Must Stand Still
20. Bachelors Of Science fest. Saburuko - Dreams Come True
21. Zero T & Mosus ft. Steo - Call Waiting

Part II :

22. Calibre - Fine As Dust
23. Bungle - Good Times
24. Commix feat Steve Spacek - How You Gona Feel
25. Calibre - Shades
26. Zero T feat. Beta 2 & Steo - Insideman
27. Calibre - Carry Me Away
28. Squalsh - P Style
29. Alix Perez and Sabre - Solitary Native
30. Brother - Do The Right Thing
31. Calibre - Less Los Ablos
32. Alix Perez - Vanguard
33. Calibre - Alone In A Crowd
34. Calibre - Stcal Roller
35. Artificial Intelligence - Thirsty
36. Logistics - Inside My Soul
37. Q-Project - Subliminal Aura
38. Dbridge - 5th Floor
39. Calibre - Turn Around
40. Tom & Jerry - Maximum Style Vol 1 (Serrial Killaz Remix)
41. Electrosoul System - Moving In Transit (BCee & Lomax Remix)
42. Qumulus - Begin Again
43. Logistics - No Words
44. Bachelors Of Science feat. Redeyes
45. Q-Project - Tears
46. Artificial Intelligence - Eric Prydz - Slammin' (Remix)
47. Drumsound and Simon Bassline Smith - Superfly
48. Artificial Intelligence - Uprising VIP
49. Atlantic Connection - That Girl
50. Artificial Intelligence - Desperado
51. Baron - At The Drive In
52. Artificial Intelligence - Sonic - Make Me Wanna (Remix)
53. Calibre - Tru Beat (feat. Lariman)
54. Random Movement - Psychedelic Drainpipe
55. Artificial Intelligence - Shinkansen
56. Commix - Be True
57. Anakin (Part of Deadly Viperz) - Sky Purple, Yellow and Red
58. A.I. Vs. D-Bridge - Better Days
59. Artificial Intelligence - Odessa (Vs. D-Bridge)
60. Brother - She Said
61. Calibre - Filter Tune
62. Calibre feat. Lariman - Overeaction
63. Dans - For Me

Выпуск 23 добавлен 17.06.11 12:42

Welcome to the Psyholirik's Podcast & hello. Spending my free time to make you smile while you are going through.I made this mix tape using amount of Bop's tracks by giving him a handshake for his creation in minimal dnb or other called micro funk…than added a soulful + liquid drum&bass as it suppose to be .
Enjoy please.
Yours Egor.

A trident also called a leister or gig, is a three-pronged spear. It is used for spear fishing and was also a military weapon. Tridents are featured widely in mythical, historical and modern culture. The sea god Poseidon or Neptune is classically depicted bearing a trident.
Note that a trident is not a pitchfork. A pitchfork is an agricultural tool with two to six tines (also called prongs) which are shaped in such a way that they can be used to lift and pitch (throw) loose material.

Tracklist :

1. Subwave - I Need You (Bop Remix)
2. Bop - Enjoy The Moment
3. Bop - Lost In This World
4. Bop - Clear Your Mind
5. Bop - Intercontinental Meltdown
6. Bop - Extraterrestrial Creatures Are Stealing You From The Bedroom
7. Bop - Ataraxia
8. Cybass - It's A New Life For Me
9. Blue Motion - Epileptic (unsigned) (dub)
10. Ego Trippin - You Dig
11. Raz & Decimal Bass - I've Seen You Before
12. Opto - I Never
13. Sensa & Centrik - Limbo
14. Mr. Joseph - Cut Up Music
15. Mr. Joseph - On My Own
16. Donnie Dubson - Monday Is The New Sunday
17. Mr. Joseph - Coming Home
18. Donnie Dubson - You & Me
19. Grinda - 4 The Love Of
20. Donnie Dubson - Last Night
21. Flaco - Choose Me
22. Level 2 - Days Of Rain VIP
23. Level 2 - No TIme
24. Sevin - Fine Tuning

Выпуск 22 добавлен 15.06.11 17:11

Greetings everyone!
Now it is easy going and easy tempered time…waiting till smth will crash!!!
Anyway, please enjoy that another 22nd cast of fabulous Psyholirik's Podcast !
Listen to another 21 episodes by searching Psyholirik's Podcast in the podcasts directory in iTunes…
Leave feedbacks is very appreciated : )
Yours Egor.
Best regards.

Tracklist :

1. Fantastic Man - Say What You Said
2. Marco Dassi - Opunqua
3. Fantastic Man - Huntin but a thing
4. Dale Howard - Chakra (Original Mix)
5. Wadsworth - Lime and Pink (Original Mix)
6. Elon feat. Maceo Plex - Floating Faces
7. Dale Howard - Wastin Time
8. Maya Jane Coles - The High Life
9. Microphunk & Houseriders - Close Your Eyes
10. Barrytone - The Endless Autumn
11. Barrytone - Land Of Lost Content
12. Sebo K - Mr. Duke
13. Barrytone - Through The Woods
14. Marco Dassi - No Buddies No Worries
15. Dale Howard - Down Time

Выпуск 21 добавлен 12.06.11 01:10

Good time of the day dear subscribers !!!
I'm presenting brand new podcast consisting of lounge , chill out & easy listening music.
Please enjoy.
Yours Egor.

A natural phenomenon is a non-artificial event in the physical sense, and therefore not produced by humans, although it may affect humans (e.g. pathogens, aging, natural disasters, death). Common examples of natural phenomena include volcanic eruptions, weather, decay and erosion. Most natural phenomena, such as rain, are relatively harmless so far as humans are concerned.

Tracklist :

1. Quantifier - Thread
2. Jens Buchert - Melange Electrique
3. Printempo - 40000 Words
4. Graciela Maria - Many Places
5. Lounge Jam - Mistery
6. Don Gorda Project - Warm Tones
7. Thallus - A4
8. Jean Mare - Everything (feat. Svetlana)
9. Danny Bow - Only Got One
10. Graciela Maria - Litle White Shoes

Выпуск 20 добавлен 09.06.11 00:09

Hi & Hello & Good Day/Night ..: ))))
Psyholirik is presenting ''Nu School"..: )

Jump-Up is a subgenre of drum and bass that was first popular in the mid-1990s. Tunes typically were light-hearted, featuring hip hop samples and loud melodic basslines. The term is derived from the earlier use of "jump-up" to refer to tracks with often ambient intros which altered their style at the drop, often by breaking into amen breakbeats. This would make the crowd "jump up" and dance. Around 1994 it began to be more exclusively applied to records with hip hop samples and oscillating basslines, such as Suburban Bass artists Dream Team and DJ Hype, and by 1995 more specifically to the style associated with DJ Zinc and Ganja Records.

Tracklist :

1. Taxman – Saturday Night Fever
2. Dj Hazard & D Minds - Mr. Happy
3. Macky Gee - Wake Up and Understand
4. Heist - Robots Rebellion
5. Heist - Meat Shield
6. Original Sin - Back For More (Original Mix)
7. Zen - Rhubarb & Custard (Taxman Reix)
8. Majistrate - Step Up
9. Vague - Play The Game
10. Dj Hazard - Platinum Shadow
11. Steppa & Kitcha - Belly
12. Tyke - World Of Fantasy (feat. Prestige)
13. Lyptikal - Show You
14. Dub Foundation - Mr. Blonde
15. Twisted Individual - Donkey Punch (Sub Zero Remix)
16. Slum Dogz - The Fire
17. Prisoners Of Technology - Trick Of Technology (Sub Zero Remix 2)
18. Original Sin & Maniak - Cool Kidz
19. Taxman - Konkrete Shoes
20. Macky Gee - F**k The Law
21. Illfigure - Shut The Fuck Up
22. Dj Pleasure & Origin - Tick Fa Tack
23. Dope Ammo - Rock A Party (Jaydan Remix)
24. Revolution And Drastik Measures - Bodybags (Original Mix)
25. Macky Gee - Peoples Business
26. Jonny Cage - Terminator X
27. Taxman - Evasion (VIP Remix)
28. Sub Zero - Spin Doc
29. Twisted Individual - Nail Bomb (Taxman Remix)
30. Macky Gee - Dickhead
31. Jaydan - The Driller Killer
32. Macky Gee - Nu Style (feat. Thunda B)
33. Jaydan - Big Dog
34. Jonny Cage - Psychosis

Выпуск 19 добавлен 26.05.11 00:50

This week is absolutely stunning…podcasts are wicked + no feedbacks YET!!!!!
Come on….
Help yourself with this cure liquid !
Best regards, Egor. Enjoy.

A liquid, like a gas, displays the properties of a fluid. A liquid can flow, assume the shape of a container, and, if placed in a sealed container, will distribute applied pressure evenly to every surface in the container. Unlike a gas, a liquid may not always mix readily with another liquid, will not always fill every space in the container, forming its own surface, and will not compress significantly, except under extremely high pressures. These properties make a liquid suitable for applications such as hydraulics.

Liquid particles are bound firmly but not rigidly. They are able to move around one another freely, resulting in a limited degree of particle mobility. As the temperature increases, the increased vibrations of the molecules causes distances between the molecules to increase. When a liquid reaches its boiling point, the cohesive forces that bind the molecules closely together break, and the liquid changes to its gaseous state (unless superheating occurs). If the temperature is decreased, the distances between the molecules become smaller. When the liquid reaches its freezing point the molecules will usually lock into a very specific order, called crystallizing, and the bonds between them become more rigid, changing the liquid into its solid state (unless supercooling occurs).
Tracklist :

1. Netsky - Let's Leave Tomorrow (Feat. Bev Lee Harli)
2. Lenzman & Treez Feat. Jo-S
3. Joakuim - Low End Dream
4. Submatic Feat. Albert Tempel - Stronger Than You
5. Original Sin - Dangerous
6. Netsky - Moving With You (Feat. Jenna G)
7. Netsky - Come Back Home
8. Artificial Intelligence - Days Of Rage VIP
9. BCee - Generations (S.P.Y. Remix)
10. Netsky - Lost In This World
11. ARP-1 - Dreams (Original Mix)
12. Netsky - Storm Clouds
13. ARP-1 - Orient Express (Original Mix)
14. Netsky - Mindight Express
15. Simplification & Command Strange - Melody
16. Joakuim - Be Urself
17. Tobestar - Tweaker
18. ARP -1 - Shadows Drop (Original Mix)
19. Netsky - Mellow (Feat. Terri Pace)
20. Joakuim - Leaf Print
21. Block One - We (Always With You)

Выпуск 18 добавлен 25.05.11 01:05

Greetings dear friends, acquaintances and someone i do not know yet…
PLEASE!!!!! if you do like LIKE my podcasts and all that i do for you…FEEDBACK ONTO or Or you can make straight to ссылка

Here is 18's Psyholirik's Podcast called M.U.S.I.C. . Enjoy : )

Best regards to everybody and best wishes for me.
Yours. Egor.

Special thanks to Igor for keeping me locked in "different" music!
Check him out here :

Music is an art form whose medium is sound. Common elements of music are pitch (which governs melody and harmony), rhythm (and its associated concepts tempo, meter, and articulation), dynamics, and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture. The word derives from Greek μουσική (mousike), "(art) of the Muses."

Tracklist :

1. Papercutz - Do Outro Lado Do Espelho (Taylor Deupree Remix)
2. Shigeto - Relentless Drag (Mike Slott Remix)
3. Mickey Mickey Rourke - Coze
4. Orbital - HALCYON + ON + ON (if i'm going to become dead - play this)
5. M. Ostermeier - Underwater Drifting
6. Chill In - NoteBene
7 . Dj Krush - Song 1
8. Noel Zancanella - Like This (remastered for vinyl)
9. Dj Krush & Toshinori Kondo - Shon KA
10. (((eco))) - Immobile E Perfetto
11. Davidovich - It Is On (feat. Yvan)
12. West Indian Girl - Beach
13. Mechanical Me - Beachy Head (Bonobo Remix)
14. Bodies Of Water - Open Rhythms

Выпуск 17 добавлен 23.05.11 02:40

Good time of the day dear listeners & those who just locked in Psyholirik's podcast.
Thank you very much for subscribing + more than 350 downloads per day…stunning…compare to 34 since i started: )

This one is Extraterrestrial.
And it is really IS.
Enjoy. Yours Egor.

Tracklist :

1. Vincenzo - The Clearing (Reprise)
2. Vincenzo - Tasmania
3. DOM - Geneza
4. Vincenzo - Where You Are (Album Version)
5. DOM - Cat Massage
6. Evan Evans - Repitition (Art Of Tones Remix)
7. Art Of Tones - Too Much
8. Vincenzo - The Clearing
9. Kev Obrien - Solo Yet So HIgh (Original Mix)
10. Matt Flores - Water On The Moon (Original Mix)
11. Ruzam - Pleasure (Original Mix)
12. Addex - Leather Spray
13. Hector Couto - Calacibmre
14. Alland Byallo - Stern Soul
15. Chacho D Vega - I Can Feel It
16. Addex - The Cooler (Original Mix)
17. Rene Breitbarth - Funky Chip (Original Mix)
18.Francesco Altavilla - In My Eyes (Original Mix)
19. Vincenzo - Baited Breathe
20. Vincenzo - 106 Downtown
21. Alveol - Infinite Diversity (Original Mix)
22. Alveol - Sensual (Original Mix)

Выпуск 16 добавлен 15.05.11 03:21

Good morning/evening or where ever you are: ))))
Glad to be back after a messy smth…
Presenting The Void Coefficient as an attitude podcast: )


Yours Mr. Retalin: )

In nuclear engineering, the void coefficient (more properly called "void coefficient of reactivity") is a number that can be used to estimate how much the reactivity of a nuclear reactor changes as voids (typically steam bubbles) form in the reactor moderator or coolant. Reactivity, in the nuclear engineering sense (not to be confused with chemical reactivity), measures the degree of change in neutron multiplication in a reactor core. Reactivity is directly related to the tendency of the reactor core to change power level: if reactivity is positive, the core power tends to increase; if it is negative, the core power tends to decrease; if it is zero, the core power tends to remain stable. The reactivity of the core may be adjusted by the reactor control system in order to obtain a desired power level change (or to keep the same power level). It can be compared to the reaction of an automobile as conditions around it change (for instance, wind intensity and direction or road slope), and therefore the corresponding counter-measure that the driver applies to maintain road speed or execute a desired manoeuvre.

Nuclear fission reactors run on nuclear chain reactions, in which each nucleus that undergoes fission releases heat and neutrons. Each neutron may impact another nucleus and cause it to undergo fission. The speed of this neutron affects its probability of causing additional fission, as does the presence of neutron-absorbing material. In particular, slow neutrons are more easily absorbed by fissile nuclei than fast neutrons, so a neutron moderator which slows neutrons will increase the reactivity of a nuclear reactor. On the other hand, a neutron absorber will decrease the reactivity of a nuclear reactor. These two mechanisms are used to control the thermal power output of a nuclear reactor.

Tracklist :

1. Mow - Blue Saturday (Original Mix)
2. B Cloud - Deeper
3. Bungle - Don't Look Back
4. DKay & Intoxicated - A Thinner Edge
5. Scott Allen & Deeper Connection - Love Is All (Original Mix)
6. Glen E Ston - The Final Frontier
7. Coalition - True
8. Mr. Joseph - Necessary
9. MJT & Jrumhand - Radio Jam (Original Mix)
10. Alix Perez & Redeyes - Watching U
11. Brookes Brothers - Big Blue
12. Marcus Intalex - Meltdown (Ft. Calibre)
13. Brookes Brothers - In Your Eyes ft. Johnny Osbourne
14. Mr. Joseph - Chop Sticks
15. Blue Motion & Grimm - Walking Away (Ft. Remo)
16. Mr. Joseph - Forever Weekend (Ft. Kate White)
17. MuWookie - Need It Now (Original Mix)
18. Deeper Connection - 8th Of May (Original Mix)
19. MuWookie - Baby It's You (Original Mix)
20. MuWookie - Where The Rivers Flow (Original Mix)
21. Dynamic Stab - The Numb
22. B Cloud - Deeper (Clarity Remix)
23. Blue Motion - When She Is Gone Stay
24. June MIller - Cave In

Выпуск 15 добавлен 06.05.11 21:50

Hi & Welcom to the Psyholirik's Podcast which is broadcasting through web almost a month & half…
Lots of feedbacks + your support.
Thanks to everyone and enjoy.

Tracklist :

1. Julio Bashmore - Craboon (Original)
2. Aki Bergen - Black & Light
3. Soul Factory - Freak On (Edmund Remix)
4. Aki Bergen - Don't Call Me Artist
5. Aki Bergen - Fever feat. Carmen Sherry
6. Aki Bergen - M.U.S.I.C.
7. Soul Factory - Freak On (Sezer Uysal's Not In Mood Remix)
8. Aki Bergen - Kill Your TV
9. Aki Bergen - Boomslang
10. Mason - Choices (Feat Kurtis Blow)


Hi & Welcom everyone. Did anybody ever want miscellaneous music styles podcast? Here you go dude. Check it out and leave me a feedback right here

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    Ведущий Андрей Гречанник беспристрастно и придирчиво тестирует автоновинки.
  66. Национальный вопрос
    Cпецкоры "Комсомольской правды обсуждают особенности межнациональных отношений.
  67. Моя дача
    Советы дачникам от профессиональных агрономов.
  68. Военное ревю
    Информационно-аналитическая программа.
  69. В поисках истины
    Елена Ханга с гостями ищет истину в спорном вопросе.
  70. Глоток правды
    Журналисты "Комсомолки" дарят вам свой глоток правды.
  71. Кинопилорама
    Панорама событий кино.
  72. Живой концерт
    Радио "КП" приглашает интересных музыкантов.
  73. Культура повседневности
    Авторская программа Ирины Прохоровой.

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